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We left the city to pursue our dream..

Classmates and best friends since our childhood in central Athens, we have always dreamt of living in the countryside despite the lack of whichever profound ties. So by 2020 we eventually gave up any conventional profession and mentality, packed up and moved to our place of origin, the blessed and fertile region of Phthia, in Thessaly . There we embraced and utilized sustainable small scale farming techniques in order to create high quality natural products that represent the best of greek Ipethros! Now, devoted to our cause we are ready to promote our own special production.

Land of Achilles

Phthia [Φθία]
In ancient greek history, legendary Achilles was the king of Phthia and Myrmidons were its residents. Phthia has always been a geographical section of the Greek territory, mentioned in the Homeric Iliad as an area in the southeastern part of Thessaly. This is also our land, our cultural heritage, our identity. It is our duty to preserve and create the best out of it. Our fields are located in the semi mountainous region that creates a natural border between Thessalian plain and the plain of Ksiniada. In this historic land with the unique microclimate and the ideal altitude of 700m we produce naturally scented products that smell like Greece!

Land of Achilles

What does Ipethros stand for?

Purity Serenity Freedom

The ancient Greek word ύπαιθρος [ˈi.pɛ.θɾɔs] translates as free and pure land under the clear sky. Ipethros represents purity, serenity and freedom. For modern Greeks it is the benchmark of all nice memories, deep revitalizing breaths and wide smiles.

Small Scale Farming

Adopting small-scale agricultural production methods we ensure the quality of our products without accelerating cultivation artificially. Maintaining vertical production, we focus on every detail, meticulously controlling it in every stage and processing only what we would put on our table. We cultivate, we package and we distribute.


Choosing to go bio is a way of life, a way of thinking, a way of positioning ourselves as an integrated part of the agricultural world. Cooperating and not interfering with the local agroecosystem, respecting wild fauna and flora, Ipethros is a company that aims to promote sustainability as the most vital value of our times.

Intense Scents

We choose dry farming. Just like wild flora our aromatic plants are merely assisted by rainfalls. Therefore they create a robust αnd long lasting root system which provides more intense scents.

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olympus tea flower doypack

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